RAINFOREST SPIRITUAL ENSLAVEMENT の入手困難な初期のヴァイナルとカセット音源を纏めた6枚組CDボックス『Water Witches』


RAINFOREST SPIRITUAL ENSLAVEMENT の入手困難な初期のヴァイナルとカセット音源を纏めた6枚組CDボックス『Water Witches』。

RAINFOREST SPIRITUAL ENSLAVEMENT の『Water Witches』。Prurient、Vatican Shadow としても知られる Dominick Fernow による暗黒のドローン・ドゥーム・プロジェクト RAINFOREST SPIRITUAL ENSLAVEMENT の、現在では入手困難な初期のヴァイナルとカセット音源を纏めた6枚組CDボックス『Water Witches』。収録された音源がCDとしてリリースされるのは初めてとなります。ファースト、セカンド、Blackest Ever Black からもリリースされたあの作品などレアな作品がギッシリです。 狂信と幻想が出会い衝突し崩壊する、「人工的空間」と「模造の自然」というのがプロジェクトの本質。雨ざらしのドローン、纏わりつく湿度を感じるフィールド音、そして闇をズルズルと引きずるような重いビートが作り上げる、朽ち果てた風景画。 このプロジェクトに駄作なしです。全て同じ景色とも言えますが、そこが良いのです。全てお薦めです。 - 飛脚ゆうパケット便、ネコポスでも発送可能。 Tracklist Fallen Leaves Camouflage Behind Tropical Flowers 1-1. Life Would Transform 1-2. Skull Covered In Moss Green Amulet Crafts Supernatural Powers 1-3. A Slave Boy That Died An Awful Death For Not Keeping His Owner's Horses. He Helps People Who Are Looking For Lost Things. 1-4. An Old Hag That Wears Shoes And Stomps Over People's Stomachs At Night Making Them Breathless Taking Place In The Foyer 2-1. Spot A Witch By Changes In The Person's Behavior 2-2. In New Guinea Police Don't Have The Petrol Money To Search For The Witch Murderers 2-3. Bodies Of Suspected Witches Are Dumped In The River Or Buried In Toilet Pits 2-4. Sorcery Killings Jungle Black Magic And Highlands Green Sorcery 2-5. The Case Of The Male Witch From Goroka 2-6. A Cursed Leaf Under The Pillow Of A Victim 2-7. The Verdict Handed Down By A Kangaroo Court 2-8. For The Next Three Days There Was An Eerie Silence In The Village Papua Land Where The Spirits Still Rule 3-1. There Are Many Powerful Spirits Living In The Hills And Stones And It Is Not A Good Idea To Disturb Them. 3-2. When They Cut The Road Through Here 3-3. They Found This Stone Was Too Hard To Break Up So They Put It On A Truck 3-4. They Took It Down To The Harbour And Dropped It In The Sea. 3-5. But The Next Morning It Was Back Here Again. That Happened Three Times. 3-6. They Dropped The Stone In The Harbour But Overnight It Returned, So Finally They Left It Here. 3-7. In Port Moresby They Tried To Bulldoze A Mountain Where A Very Strong Spirit Dwells. 3-8. The Spirit Was Angry And Froze The Bulldozer So It Could Not Move. The Bulldozer Is Still There Today. The Plant With Many Faces 4-1. Abaxial Masks With Sockets Closed To Hide The Face When The Destroyer Comes Alive 4-2. Out Of The Mess Came The Green Devil 4-3. Complex Rituals To Control Anthurium 4-4. Poisonous Spirit Species Folklore Venom 5-1. Upside Down Left Eye 5-2. Undrinkable Water 5-3. In Honduras Death Caused By Being Chased By Spirits 5-4. The Spirit Wore The Shoes Of The Boy 5-5. Black Magic Originated In Nature 5-6. Spirit Companion Sick-Bed 5-7. Malaysia Yellow Herbs Black Magic Cannot Cross Water 6-1. Homes Built Over The Sea 6-2. Refuges From Black Magic Water Rose Above The Head 6-3. These Spirits Are Thought To Live Far Out At Sea And Are Usually Malevolent 6-4. They Shoot Men With Flying Fish And Travel In Waterspouts Or On Rainbows