DEREK BAILEY、EVAN PARKER による伝説のフリー・インプロヴィゼーション『The London Concert』

DEREK BAILEY / EVAN PARKER / The London Concert (LP)

DEREK BAILEY と EVAN PARKER による名作『The London Concert』ガヴァイナル再発。

DEREK BAILEY と EVAN PARKER による名作『The London Concert』。オリジナルが1975年に Incus レーベルからリリースされた、DEREK BAILEY と EVAN PARKER による伝説のフリー・インプロヴィゼーションを記録したアルバム『The London Concert』が、Otoroku レーベルより43年ぶりにアナログ再発。500枚限定。 The London Concert comes in a limited edition of 500 copies printed on reverse board with printed inner sleeve and newly commissioned liner notes by Stuart Broomer Tracklist A1. The London Concert - Part 1 14:50 / A2. The London Concert - Part 2 3:58 B1. The London Concert - Part 3 11:52 / B2. The London Concert - Part 4 6:57


EVAN PARKER、DEREK BAILEY、HAN BENNINK による『The Topography Of The Lungs』がヴァイナル再発


EVAN PARKER、DEREK BAILEY、HAN BENNINK による『The Topography Of The Lungs』。オリジナルが1970年に Incus レーベルの記念すべき第1作としてリリースされ、2014年に Otoroku レーベルから再発された名作『The Topography Of The Lungs』が再プレス。 Limited edition of 500 copies printed on reverse board with printed inner sleeve. Tracklist A1. Titan Moon B1. For Peter B. & Peter K. / B2. Fixed Elsewhere / B3. Dogmeat


DEREK BAILEY & COMPANY による2000年のライヴを収録した『Klinker』


DEREK BAILEY & COMPANY によるライヴ音源を収録した『Klinker』。

DEREK BAILEY & COMPANY による『Klinker』。2000年8月ロンドンの Klinker で行われた、DEREK BAILEY & COMPANY のライヴを収録した作品。2枚組CD。6面カードボード・スリーブ仕様。 Derek Bailey : guitar Simon H. Fell : double bass Will Gaines : tap dance Mark Wastell : violoncello Recorded live at The Klinker, London on Thursday 24th August 2000. Compered by Matt Scott. Original DAT recording by Tim Fletcher.Mixed and mastered by Simon H. Fell. Produced by Mark Wastell. One of the special qualities of improvisation is the array of responses musicians and performers have to the environment they find themselves in. The club, as you can hear immediately from the opening announcements, was in quite a small space, in a back room. It had kitsch disco mirrors all along the walls and a hard floor and ceiling, everything sonically enhancing and reflective, so the room was actually even smaller than it sounds. Tim used to arrive early every night to set up his recording equipment and tape the leads to the floor to stop people tripping on them and dragging everything across the room. At one point he was experimenting with pointing a microphone towards the ceiling to capture a more evenly balanced and diffused sound. A kind of reverse Dizzy Gillespie approach. I didn't expect to hear the kinds of sounds that emerged on that night from the band, far less angular, rough, or confrontational, instead it was introspective and elegant, carefree and humorous, delicate and fragile. The audience was crammed in tight, there wasn't much room to move about, but everyone was absolutely attentive and quiet and really seemed to be enjoying it, seizing the opportunity to express it whenever they were given a chance in the gaps. Unanimously in love with Will, his patter, and his spanner in the works of any possible attempt at over seriousness. This was the only occasion that Derek Bailey's Company graced our humble event. Perhaps the acoustic peculiarities of the room, the concentrated focus and proximity of the audience, and the hot summer evening all contributed to the unique result. How fast things change in the small corner of the music scene that the Klinker has been part of over the years. Wonderful to have this treasure from the past. Oh yes, and choc ices. Tracklisting: 1-1. Intro; DB / SF / MW 1 12:14 / 1-2. DB / SF / MW 2 5:12 / 1-3. An Announcement; DB / WG 1 7:25 / 1-4. DB / WG 2 4:15 / 1-5. You Should See Me When I'm Making Money; DB / WG 3 5:36 / 1-6. SF / MW 9:59 / 1-7. DB / SF / WG / MW 1 8:47 2-1. WG / MW 13:05 / 2-2. DB / SF 1 10:50 / 2-3. DB / SF 2 7:54 / 2-4. DB / SF / WG / MW 2; Outro 14:08




DEREK BAILEY, TONY BEVAN, PAUL HESSION, OTOMO YOSHIHIDE による『Good Cop Bad Cop』。2003年リバプールの「Bluecoat Arts Centre」で行われたライヴを収録。2009年のリリース作品。 Performer - Derek Bailey (tracks: 1, 2, 4, 5), Otomo Yoshihide (tracks: 1, 3, 5), Paul Hession (tracks: 1, 2, 3, 5), Tony Bevan (tracks: 1, 4, 5) Recorded November 14th, 2003 at the Bluecoat Arts Centre, Liverpool Tracklisting: 01. No Hiding Place/ Softly Softly / 02. Morse / 03. The Bill / 04. Good Cop Bad Cop / 05. Flying Squad





DEREK BAILEY と TRISTAN HONSINGER のデュオ作品『Duo』。1976年に録音された、デレク・ベイリーとチェリスト Tristan Honsinger によるデュオ作品『Duo』が、Honest Jon’s Records からアナログ再発。 Born in Burlington, Vermont, and conservatory-trained in the US, the cellist Tristan Honsinger moved from Montreal to Amsterdam in 1974, quickly linking with Han Bennink and Misha Mengelberg, and opening a long and fruitful musical relationship with Derek Bailey. Recorded in 1976, Duo displays a performative musical approach already characterised by the lack of inhibition which would later endear him to The Pop Group: he is knockabout, exclamatory, explosively rhythmic; burping Bach and folk melodies with spasmodic lyricism, in amongst the garrulous textures and accents of his scraping, bowing and plucking, and gibbering like a monkey; throwing out his arms and stamping the floor, grappling with his instrument like an expert clown, always on the lookout for new ways to trip himself up. You can hear Bailey revelling in the company, as he ranges between scrabbling solidarity and an askance skewering of his partner’s antics, on prepared (nineteen-string) and standard electric guitars — and a Waisvisz Crackle-box, for the garbled, quizzical, cross-species natter which closes The Shadow. Throughout, the spirited interplay between laconic, analytic wit and guttural, sometimes slapstick physicality is consistently droll, often laugh-out-loud funny; vigorously alert, alive and gripping. Tracklisting: A1. The Visit 3:20 / A2. DUO (Part 1) 4:56 / A3. DUO (Part 2) 11:28 B1. Performance 4:12 / B2. Preparation 6:24 / B3. The Shadow 10:36 / B4. Exits 3:48


DEREK BAILEY の名作『Lot 74 – Solo Improvisations』がアナログ再発

DEREK BAILEY / Lot 74 - Solo Improvisations (CD/LP)

DEREK BAILEY の1974年の録音『Lot 74 - Solo Improvisations』がアナログで再発。

デレク・ベイリーの1974年録音作品『Lot 74 - Solo Improvisations (IncusLP12)』が再発。アナログは Honest Jon’s Records からの再発です。このアルバムは何度耳にしても興味が尽きない作品です。化学反応でも試みるかのように様々な音が紡がれて行く時間の流れは圧巻であり、詰まるところ音楽は空気の振動であるということが頭の片隅に浮かぶようなアルバムです。即興ファンのみならず、INA-GRM などのミュージック・コンクレート、エレクトロ・アコースティックのファンも必ずや興味深く聴けるはずです。何度聴いても面白いです。 This iconic LP was originally released by Incus in 1974. Recorded at a private house in West London, the side-long title track is a masterwork: a twenty-two-minute, starkly personal, freely expressive, itchily searching re-casting of orders of rhythm and sound into a new, quicksilver kind of affective and musical polyphony. Never mind the guitarist’s championing of ‘non-idiomatic improvisation’, the poet Peter Riley gets the ball rolling in his identification of the various hauntings of Bailey’s playing at this time: ‘mandolins & balalaikas strumming in the distance, George Forby’s banjo, Leadbelly’s steel 12-string, koto, lute, classical guitar… and others quite outside the field of the plucked string.’ The five pieces on side two were recorded back home in Hackney around the same time — with the exception of Improvisation 104(b), from the year before (and issued by Incus in its TAPS series of mini reel-to-reel tapes) — opening with ventriloquised guitar feedback, and taking in some cod banter about colleagues like Mervyn Parker, Siegfried Brotzmann and Harry Bentink. Crucial. - CDとヴァイナルがあります。フォーマットを選択しカートに入れて下さい。 Tracklisting: 1. Lot 74 (22.00) 2. Together (12.15) 3. Pain in the Chest (3.00) 4. Planks (4.00) 5. In Joke (Take 2) (4.00) 6. 104b (6.00)


DEREK BAILEY と HAN BENNINK が Incus に残した名作『Derek Bailey & Han Bennink』

DEREK BAILEY & HAN BENNINK / Derek Bailey & Han Bennink (2LP)

DEREK BAILEY と HAN BENNINK による『Derek Bailey & Han Bennink』2枚組アナログで再発。1972年に Incus より発表した名作『Derek Bailey & Han Bennink』が Honest Jon’s Records よりアナログ2枚組みにて再発。今回の再発にあたり未発表音源が新たに追加されています。 The tussling vegetables in Mal Dean’s cover-sketch somehow befit perfectly this extraordinary duo of Bailey and the great Dutch drummer Han Bennink. Recorded in London in 1972, Incus 9 was their second record (after an ICP in 1969), becoming a blueprint and inspiration for generations of free-improvisers. It is paired here with a brilliant session from the following year, with the same power and friendly combativeness, and oodles of creativity, technique and humour. It’s obvious how much they loved playing together. Tracklist 01. Call That A Balance? / 02. Misty / 03. The Title / 04. Who Is That / 05. The Girl With The Concrete Tongue / 06. Din Din Teo / 07. On A Clear Day / 08. Barb / 09. Shake Your Arse White Man / 10. Whiling / 11. When Day Is Done And Shadows Fall I Think Of You / 12. Improvisation I / 13. Improvisation II / 14. Improvisation III


ANTHONY BRAXTON と DEREK BAILEY による1984年作品『Royal』がヴァイナル再発


ANTHONY BRAXTON & DEREK BAILEY による『Royal』2枚組ヴァイナルで再発。1984年に Incus より発表したデレク・ベイリーと、シカゴの AACM のメンバーでもあったリード奏者アンソニー・ブラクストンによる名盤が Honest Jon’s Records より再発。今回の再発にあたり新たに未発表音源が追加されています。 このジャケットにはグロスインクが使われています。 Recorded in 1974, at the Royal Hotel in Luton, with Braxton playing soprano and alto saxophones, and Bb and contrabass clarinets. Two volumes were planned; only one was issued, till now. This was one of the first transatlantic meetings between leading free improvisers. Many of Braxton’s signature techniques and ideas were gestated in such sessions. It still brims with inquisitive musical creativity and knockabout jazzbo allusiveness. Tracklist 01. Opening (opening) / 02. Opening (closing) / 03. Middle / 04. Closing (opening) / 05. Closing (closing)